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Third time’s the charm!

Wow!… When I came up with my Skypy Sunday idea, I honestly thought ”this is not going to work!” But I am a little stubborn, and I wanted it to work, so I kept it on The Cove’s schedule for a third week, and boy, am I happy I did! At 6 pm Eastern Time, I…… Continue reading Third time’s the charm!

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Epic fail…   Well, that didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. As you might know, tonight I held my second Skypy Sunday tonight. The idea is simply to offer a place to mingle between bloggers, and have a little chat, live. I thought it’d be fun to hear some of your voices… Last week, I…… Continue reading Epic fail…

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After Eight Moments…

    You can’t rush into the Future, You can’t run from the Past… So, why even wonder Just how long Life will last? Live now! Live here! Just live, live live!           If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here. Description for the visually impaired: Close…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…

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Just thinking…

  Montréal is known for its heavy car traffic and major road repairing. Besides the weather, it is probably at the top of most Montréalers’ most frequent smalltalk list. I just caught the traffic report on some news channel, and I was surprised to see that the journalist was reporting from her car, in the middle of the traffic jam.…… Continue reading Just thinking…

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Still night….

  Sometimes the night is so still, you almost believe you are the last soul living… Light agonizes, and a calm darkness wraps itself around the city’s shoulders, probably to help mourn the day gone by. Everything goes silent. No more neighbour music, no more stray cat vocalizing their feline loneliness, even the wind takes…… Continue reading Still night….

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Wanna chat?

  I already tried this once, and it was fun… Ok, it was in the middle of the night and I mostly chatted with my Scottish pal Colin, but it was a cool and new way to exchange…  So, has your day just started, or is it about to end? Is it a nice day, where…… Continue reading Wanna chat?