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Just thinking…



Montréal is known for its heavy car traffic and major road repairing. Besides the weather, it is probably at the top of most Montréalers’ most frequent smalltalk list.

I just caught the traffic report on some news channel, and I was surprised to see that the journalist was reporting from her car, in the middle of the traffic jam.


I thought that being in 2018 and having access to all the technology available, news channels wouldn’t have to send a reporter on the road to give a “live” idea of what people have to go through, on their way home.

I don’t get it. Plus, isn’t that one of the most boring jobs ever?? Come on, people. Save some gaz, and find the lady something more interesting to cover! I am pretty sure everybody will survive if you show us how hard it is to circulate on the highways, using an interactive map!









8 thoughts on “Just thinking…

    1. LOL that’s a great way to save a couple of bucks!! I’d say that you probably beat us by the number of cars in traffic, but we definately win when it comes to the number of roads under construction… I think the government is playing a board game (a little Risk-like) and they are trying to see how many roads they can close at once, before creating total mayhem! 😛

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