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Still night….



Sometimes the night is so still, you almost believe you are the last soul living… Light agonizes, and a calm darkness wraps itself around the city’s shoulders, probably to help mourn the day gone by. Everything goes silent. No more neighbour music, no more stray cat vocalizing their feline loneliness, even the wind takes an unexpected break.

You are alone in a world gone still. Frozen in time. An island in an ocean of nothingness.

Until that window lights up, suddenly.

And then you become one of the two people, wondering if there is still life out there…

One thought on “Still night….

  1. I used to deliver newspapers in Germany. They had to be delivered by 6am so I started at 4am and I so often experienced what you described here. 😊. It was amazing, terrifying and inspiring 🙋


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