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Still night….

  Sometimes the night is so still, you almost believe you are the last soul living… Light agonizes, and a calm darkness wraps itself around the city’s shoulders, probably to help mourn the day gone by. Everything goes silent. No more neighbour music, no more stray cat vocalizing their feline loneliness, even the wind takes…… Continue reading Still night….

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Mephistophelian – Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of the Day is Mephistophelian. Please create a pingback to your post by including a link to this page in whatever you are posting. If you want to participate create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See how to create pingbacks here. Mephistophelian /ˌmɛfɪstəˈfiːlɪən,mɪˌfɪstəˈfiːlɪən,ˌmɛfɪstɒfɪˈliːən/ adjective wicked; […]… Continue reading Mephistophelian – Word of the Day Challenge