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Did you know?



We all know some of these little facts, mostly useless in our everyday lives, but still interresting when you take a minute to think about them.

They are burried into our brains, and rarely get to be discussed. Because, let’s face it, other than mentionning them, these facts are just… Facts. But interresting ones.

At least, I think so.

I love these little facts, and I thought… Why not share some of them with you Lovelies, to see if you knew about them too?

So, drumroll please!

Did you know… That hot water freezes faster that cold water?

You would think that cold water being closer to freezing point, it would freeze faster than boiling water, right?


It is called the Mpemba effect, after its Tanzanian finder. I won’t go into details, because I am no scientist myself, and you can ask our Google friend for details about the 1963 discovery, but I will say this. I am quite surprised that this was officially discovered in Africa, while the best demonstration of said effect can be done right here, in Freezingland.

When the temperature drops well under 0 Celcius (let’s say at least – 25 C), if you throw boiling water in the air, it instantly becomes snow-like. And I can testify (for having made many attempts before getting the desired effect) that if the water isn’t hot enough, it just doesn’t work.

Here is a video of the phenomenom…



So. Did you know?


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