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OMG! They were right!



As you might remember, last January, Canada’s capital was occupied by a large crowd of people that claimed that they were fighting against the terrible Trudeau dictatorship. (You can catch up here)

They wanted all sanitary mandates lifted. They wanted their freedom back. (What freedom? Don’t ask me…)

Along the weeks, the mandates were lifted. Not because of the annoying siege, but because it was simply time to lift them. In Québec, starting May 14th, the mask will no longer be mandatory in public places (except in public transport, and in health establishments – which just makes sense to me). Things will be back to ”normal”. We’ll have all our liberties back.

So, you might think that there is no more need for these Freedom protests, right?

Nope! Think again.

There are still little groups of people wearing Canadian flags as a cape, scanding empty slogans, all around the country.

You haven’t heard about that? No worries.

That’s basically because the majority of Canada is not paying them any attention. The classic forms of medias are also ignoring them. Which doesn’t annoy them at all, since they don’t believe in them.

So these Freedom seekers live on platforms like TikTok, convinced that the whole country is rising behind them because of the swipers that stop by to watch their live sessions.

Why am I writing about them, then, you might wonder?

Well, yesterday, I realized that the Freedom seekers do have a point. I must say that it was hard for me to admit it, and as a proof that I am open-minded, I wanted to share what I found out with you all.

The government is taking away some of our Canadian liberties. And they are not bragging about it. Apparently, what I am about to tell you happened last week, but it was not announced on any news channel I know.

As a matter of fact, it is my Texan friend Hokey, who brought it to my attention (Thank you, Larry!)

Apparently, there was a loophole in the Canadian laws, that didn’t allow the country to prosecute people that would kill or commit robbery in outer space or on the moon. And, of course, they took care of that.

Mind you, only 9 Canadians traveled to outer space since 1985, but that’s beside the point. Because it is not about them.

It is about all of us, who didn’t get the chance to go to outer space, yet. Why did these 9 men and women get the chance to do whatever they wanted, and I can kiss goodbye my chance to fly to the moon, commit a crime and not be bothered with it, when space traveling is finally available for me??

That’s just not fair!

Not fair at all. I want my freedom back!



Note to readers, just in case you don’t know me… I am obviously joking here. But if you want to read more about this change in the Canadian laws, you can click here or here.

2 thoughts on “OMG! They were right!

  1. You should never tell people when you are joking. If they don’t get it then you are better off deeply offending them.

    But this is actually very serious stuff. It was already getting so you couldn’t kill anybody anywhere anymore. The moon was there primarily as a viable release valve for when that guy next door starts up his lawn mower at 7AM on a Saturday morning.
    The fact that (previously) one had to carefully plan a space mission in order to legitimately murder somebody meant that one really needed to be serious about it. It provided for a sensible cooling off period. But now that that option has been withdrawn people will just revert to murdering just about anyone, just about anywhere.
    It is a draconian and poorly thought out piece of legislation.
    Maintain the rage!!


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