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Looking back… Day 5.

  Tonight’s post will be a short one. We’re (still) running on low staff at work, and that means a lot of overtime. It would be fine if we hadn’t inherited new tasks recently, with little (almost no) training to perform them correctly. It is stressful, and tiring, and it is in parts why I…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 5.

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Looking back… Day 3.

  This time of year rhymes with generosity. You are probably getting ready to spoil your loved ones, and that’s always great. But generosity is even greater when you give to people who aren’t part of your everyday life circle. I consider myself to be a giving person. I don’t like writing this, because it…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 3.

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Join the party at Trina’s!

  I know, I know... With the holidays coming, you probably have lots of parties planned already. But this is not quite the same, and you'd be a fool not accept Trina's invitation! Just as your gift-hunting is about to start, and your wallet going on a diet, Trina is offering FREE mingling with fabulous… Continue reading Join the party at Trina’s!

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Meet Biff.

  Blogging, I am sure many of you will agree with me, is an adventure you embark on not even imagining the surprises it has in store for you. In three years, I’ve had my fair share. I met many incredible people through The Cove, and I wish I could pay all of you Lovelies, an…… Continue reading Meet Biff.

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Picture Battle – Om vs Cyra, and the winner is…

Jason, from Harsh Realities is a smart man. There is no denying that. Over the past couple of years, he rused me into imitating his pictures in the cheapest way possible. Relentlessly, I copy-catted OM… And I have to admit, I was most probably the only one truly amused with this. Oh, a couple of you laughed…… Continue reading Picture Battle – Om vs Cyra, and the winner is…

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News from Gaston!

You might have read about our nightover visitor just the other day. As Kat mentionned, in the comment box, Gaston is a Calico cat, also referred to as chattes d’Espagne here in Québec. Chatte is feminine, for a good reason; cats that have a Calico coat are almost always females. So yes, Gaston is actually a Gastone. And she is…… Continue reading News from Gaston!

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Party time at Trina’s!

Hello Lovelies, In case you wouldn't know it already, the always fabulous Trina, from It's Good to Be Crazy Sometimes, hosts a weekly meeting on her blog. To join in, all you have to do is click on the link below, share one or more of your recent posts, and mingle with the lovely people already sipping… Continue reading Party time at Trina’s!