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Cyranny’s quickie!



 What do you do to help saving the environment?



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8 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Little choices I suppose under the current form of government. But I no longer drive. I walk everywhere – or use public transport. I don’t eat meat or fish, and hardly any dairy. I don’t use plastic bags from shops – I carry my own reusable shopper. I use a reusable water bottle and flask and make my own lunch to avoid all the packaging waste that comes with buying takeaway food. I live in a basement flat that is cool in summer and warm in winter, cutting costs of utilities. I look after my “stuff”, so I don’t have to keep replacing it.

    I try to avoid food wastage, only buying what we can eat comfortably. I don’t waste money of all the rubbish that for some reason the commercial industry produce and market as “gifts”.

    Oh….and I work with “green” charities that help train people living in areas that have been adversely effected by mismanagement to look after their land and develop sustainable farming etc.

    I do think the decisions all of us make on a daily basis add up. But governments and industries are seriously mismanaging the earth. Grossly inadequate.

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  2. We recycle all the containers , cans , paper and fabric we can. We use reusable shopping bags not plastic. There is no public transport where we live in the county but my car shuts off when idling so that is a small saving I guess.


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