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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s one thing you do to help save the environment?


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8 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. recycling paper and plastic. And my car has an option to shut off when idling. I always use that. It is just a small thing but it adds up to minutes in the end and so less carbon dioxide into the air.


  2. I have been vegetarian since I was six. I buy clothes from charity shops and each year I have a spring clean and any clothes I have not worn in the past year are donated to charity shops. I no longer drive – I walk or use public transport for longer journeys. (Although I am occasionally a passenger in someone else’s car.) I no longer buy bottled drinks, I have used a reusable water bottle for the past four years or so…definitely since Blue Planet II…and a bamboo reusable coffee cup…although I no longer buy takeaway coffee, instead I use a Thermos and enjoy my own home-made coffee as it is much cheaper than buying coffee out and about. I have been using my shoppers for years and not using supermarket plastic bags. I try to think about using veggies that are seasonal rather than buying fruit and veg with a huge carbon footprint. I have started shopping at a zero-waste food shop, taking along my own containers and filling up on dried foods like rice, pasta, grains etc, rather than buying them from the supermarket, so that way I avoid packaging and save money. The zero waste shop is cheaper than the supermarket.

    They are just little things really, but when I think about how many plastic water bottles I must have bought for years before watching the scenes on Blue Planet II, I am so glad that we realized that just putting a plastic bottle in the recycling box is not enough.

    Making these small changes has not been a big deal for me, and I expect a lot of other people are doing the same. But I still think that the commercial system is failing miserably and ought to be held to account for the damage and governments need to accept that responsibility as well. Between them the governments and commercial entities have shaped a society into being greedy, lazy and irresponsible. We need more and more education and changes on a massive scale. Essentially, we need the human family to recognize that it is not fulfilling our assignment to care for this earth and all its creatures. We need to work together until the entire globe is as beautiful as it ought to be.


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