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. Today, Chéri and I got out of our lair for a much needed oil change for our car. Since we were already out in the real world, we thought we’d go to the mall for a little unnessary but useful shopping. Hey! We were already out, might as well make the most out of…… Continue reading Obsolete?

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U like Ultrafidianism…

. She loved visiting her grand aunt at the convent. Of course, she wasn’t allowed in the monastery itself, but aunt Ann always brought the place’s soothing vibes with her, to the visiting-room. They had long talks about their very different lives. Time always flew by too fast. Their chat was almost over, and Julia…… Continue reading U like Ultrafidianism…

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Protagonist – Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of the Day is Protagonist noun 1.the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, etc.”the novel’s main protagonist is an American intelligence officer” advocate or champion of a particular cause or idea.”he’s a strenuous protagonist of the new agricultural policy” I hope you enjoy using this […]PROTAGONIST…… Continue reading Protagonist – Word of the Day Challenge