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Today, Chéri and I got out of our lair for a much needed oil change for our car.

Since we were already out in the real world, we thought we’d go to the mall for a little unnessary but useful shopping. Hey! We were already out, might as well make the most out of it.

When we got to the shopping mall, Chéri pointed out the children’s rides in the open area. I must say, although I remember bugging my parents to get a few quarters to have some fun on these rides, I don’t recall seeing any kids using them in the twelve years we lived in Montréal.

I wonder… Do you still have these rides in your shopping malls? And do kids still use them??

8 thoughts on “Obsolete?

      1. Hahahahahaha I wouldn’t blame them… I thought the same when I took the picture (like ”why did we make such a big deal with getting to ride these things as kids???”)


    1. Unfortunatly, I think that’s something happening everywhere (at least in North America). Thank you Covid-19!! In this same mall, we lost many stores dear to our hearts.


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