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And my body said ”No!”

. Yesterday was one of the rare days when Chéri and I are both off from work. We usually take advange of it to do our shopping, or pending chores. But Chéri suggested that we went to the cinema to see the latest film starring my all-time favorite Québécois actor (Rémi Girard… Awwwwwwwww). He didn’t…… Continue reading And my body said ”No!”

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J’aime Montréal… How about you?

. Our vacation week continues… After spending a weekend in a cabin in the middle of the woods, and then enjoying two days sleeping late and just taking care of minor chors, it was about time we headed downtown Montréal, to see if it was true that the tourists were back after two years. Chéri…… Continue reading J’aime Montréal… How about you?

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. Today, Chéri and I got out of our lair for a much needed oil change for our car. Since we were already out in the real world, we thought we’d go to the mall for a little unnessary but useful shopping. Hey! We were already out, might as well make the most out of…… Continue reading Obsolete?

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You know your a good lockdowner when…

  When you leave your block for the first time in six weeks, and discover that a building of your neighbourhood has been completely revamped with an extended mural. And judging from the details, I must have been confined for longer than I thought. I had a good reason to get out, don’t judge me!…… Continue reading You know your a good lockdowner when…

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After Eight Moments…

  Cotton candy pink touch, to end a perfect family day out!         If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here. Description for the visually impaired: Big wheel lighted with a nice pink shade, in ‘Montréal’s ‘Vieux Port”.

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Lovely day out…

  Happy Monday Lovelies, It is a beautiful summer day again in Montréal, and since Dad is doing a lot better, he and Mom are coming to spend some time with us at the old port. I hope you are having a nice beginning of the week! I’ll be back tonight with new pictures to…… Continue reading Lovely day out…