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J’aime Montréal… How about you?



Our vacation week continues…

After spending a weekend in a cabin in the middle of the woods, and then enjoying two days sleeping late and just taking care of minor chors, it was about time we headed downtown Montréal, to see if it was true that the tourists were back after two years.

Chéri was clever enough to lure me out of the apartment with the promise of a visit to a museum presenting Viking artefacts lent by (drumroll please…) one of Copenhagen’s museums (pictures of our visit to that exhibition should follow, sortly).

Next thing on our list was a visit to our favorite restaurant, which (Thank God!) survived the pandemic, even if it didn’t do take out or delivered meals during our lockdowns. And though most businesses are understaffed (is that even a word?), we got incredible service from our waitress, and the food was de-li-cious (pictures on their way… Please be patient!)!

In between, we had a walk and stopped in front of Montréal’s big wheel, and I noticed that the city had added a selfie-attracting J’aime Montréal thing. It might seem silly, but tourists really seem to like it. I took me almost twenty minutes before I could take the above picture, with no stranger standing by it.

I’m getting tired… It’s been a long day out. We’re not used to that anymore.

I’ll go to sleep, but tomorrow, I shall share the pictures of our short getaway. I hope you’ll enjoy them, and that it will be inviting enough to get you to visit us.

Because, you know, we’re very friendly.

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