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My parents are the best!



They are.

I’ll never cease to be amazed that two such incredible human beings got to meet, fall in love, and give me the chance of being their daughter for the rest of our respective lives.

Mom and Dad are insanely supportive, no matter what I do (or try to), and sometimes, I was tempted to tell them to lecture me about how ”I was probably just going through a phase, and I should rethink my life choices…”

But they never did. They always were behind me, in all of my crazy, crazier and craziest projects.

And tonight, they proved it, yet again.

As you might remember, about two weeks ago, I rented a night in Odessa. To sum things up, I booked a night on Airbnb, for a ”virtual” stay in Ukraine. Of course, I couldn’t travel there, but if I could help a family in a very humble way, that would make my day.

And after having a conversation with the lovely lady I had picked, I knew I had made the right choice.

Of course, I spoke about my experience to family and friends (including here, in The Cove). I wasn’t expecting anything from it, I just hoped to spread a will to help, no matter the country people wanted to offer help to.

Yesterday, after a long talk over the phone with Mom and Dad, they joked that they too would probably like to visit Odessa, and requested that I sent them the link to my Ukrainian friend’s apartment rental.

To be honest, I thought it would stay at that. A joke.

But this morning, Mom sent me a message telling me that she didn’t have an Airbnb account, and that she was transfering money to me so I could rent the apartment on their behalf.

Ok… One night rental, that didn’t surprise me all that much.

But then Mom texted me the amount she was transfering to my bank account. And it roughly was worth a four nights stay!!


And what made me smile even more, is that she mentionned that it wasn’t much but that she hoped it would make a difference for my friend.

My heart melted… For the thousand’s time.

My parents are just the best.

And I stand by that.

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