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Party time @ Trina’s!

Every weekend, Trina from It's Good to Be Crazy Sometimes holds a Meet & Greet party on her blog. And everybody's welcome to join in! No entry fee, the bar's open, and there's always plenty of delicious finger food to munch on! The music is great, the people are awesome, what's there not to like? It is… Continue reading Party time @ Trina’s!

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Party time @ Trina’s!

Each week, Trina the Fabulous throws a party for us all to enjoy! She opens the doors to her blog, and welcomes everybody for a great mingling time. This week, I don't just dare you to join the party. Christmas is at our doors, and I dare you to come and share at least one… Continue reading Party time @ Trina’s!

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Looking back… Day 3.

  This time of year rhymes with generosity. You are probably getting ready to spoil your loved ones, and that’s always great. But generosity is even greater when you give to people who aren’t part of your everyday life circle. I consider myself to be a giving person. I don’t like writing this, because it…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 3.

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There was a man called Kevin…

Hello Lovelies! It has been brought to my attention that one of our fellow bloggers, Kevin from NewAuthorOnline, is releasing a new collection of poems next Monday! I really enjoy Kevin’s work, and it felt just natural to forward the following article about him and his new book in The Cove! “The Writer’s Pen and…… Continue reading There was a man called Kevin…

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Reblog to help a friend…

Hello Lovelies! We all go through rough times at some point of our life. And when it hits, even if you work your hardest, it may seem like nothing's turning up positive. Family matters, health issues, lack of a job...  Troubles add up, and at some point, you have to be able to ask for… Continue reading Reblog to help a friend…

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#WordoftheDay – The page

  As previously planned, I have added a #WordoftheDay page in The Cove’s header. I’ll be linking everyday’s word, to provide an easy look over all the words prompts, since the beginning of this exciting challenge. I’d like to thank everyone who participated so far! It is a pleasure to see the links add up, day after…… Continue reading #WordoftheDay – The page

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A little help for The Bee!

People who know me well know that I can’t say no when people ask for help. Bee had to quit her job because of mental health struggles, and is asking for a little hand, while she finds where to go to from here… Bee has 2 online boutiques, selling T-shirts, mugs and bags, and if…… Continue reading A little help for The Bee!