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Farewell, OM!

In a couple of months, I’ll be celebrating The Cove’s fourth bloggiversary.

What started as a simple little blog nobody even knew about slowly grew into what it is today. Initially the girl who only talked about Denmark, I eventually opened up to share my fiction, my poetry, my pictures, and my thoughts about all and everything.

And I found my place in a community that brought me much more than ”likes” and comments. A lot more.

I remember the people who were there for me when I started. A lot of them have either stopped blogging altogether over the years, or significantly slowed down their blogging activities. Blogs get born, live their blogging life, and they die.

It is life. Things change, people have less time, more pressure. People find themselves not having much to blog about anymore, or they just lose interest…

Some blogs remain online, though silent. Others disappear. Like ”Harsh Reality”.

If you’ve been in the bloggosphere for a while, you’ve probably stumbled upon Jason, AKA OM, AKA Opinionated Man, at some point in your journey. He was one of the first bloggers I followed, and admired. I liked his style, and his dark humor. You might remember our picture battles… Well, when I would take one of his pictures and copy it in a cheap way. It was childish, but I always had a good time pulling OM’s leg.

That’s why I was a bit on the sad side this morning, when I read the post linked below.

I am not writing this to question or disapprove of OM’s decision to erase his blog and take a bow, before disappearing. At least for a while. I just couldn’t leave a comment on that last post of his, and I am kinda hoping that he’ll see the pingback, and will come to read this.


Dear OM,

Thank you for all the time you dedicated to Harsh Reality for quite a long time. Thank you for having been one of the first people who paid attention to my silly blogging debut, and giving me something to look up to.

Thank you for playing along with my childish Picture Battles. Others might have thought I was making fun of them, but they really were a clumsy way of showing my admiration.

Your Pirate-Ninja ways will be missed around here. At least, they will be in The Cove. And you’ll always have a V.I.P. seat waiting in a corner of my blog, should you decide to come back to blogging, or simply pay me a visit online!

But life is life, and you have to do what you have to do. I really respect that. But…

Dang, man!!


*Big hugs* 



As you can tell this site is now named after the only other blog I’ve ever run. It’s a memory of a better time, an easier time when blogging was truly free. I’ve closed HR for good for now. Maybe when I’m 55 and not working for anyone I’ll reopen it. For now that blog […]

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19 thoughts on “Farewell, OM!

  1. His was one of the first I followed…he actually had to tell me HOW to follow as I didn’t know diddly-squat about any of this blogging stuff. He will be missed.

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    1. Mouaahahahaha he taught me a trick or two, too! It is sad to see Harsh Reality gone… It seems like you and Bitter Ben are the only remaining active bloggers of my first steps here. Please tell me you are not thinking about quitting???


  2. Aww Cyranny, I bet that must’ve been hard to see. Even if you accept what is, it’s not always the easiest to watch someone leave who you connected with. ❤
    And, congratulations on your upcoming blogiversary!! When did we meet––I think it was through Nikki at A Kinder Way? So glad you're here blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Debbie! I do believe we met at Nikki’s 😉 And thank Life for that!! You helped me a lot to work on my forgiveness skills along the years… Please keep on the good work, you are bringing a lot of positive vibes in the bloggosphere 🙂 *warm hugs*

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  3. I agree that some bloggers come and go and it’s a shame, particularly when they influence us and we have no way of getting in touch. But, as you said, that’s life. Jason, like many of us, change goals and aspirations, but hopefully he’ll still be around in some way. Congrats on your 4 years C. Same as me, I started blogging in 2015 too. Time flies when we’re having fun! Hugs 😊

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    1. Exactly… And who knows what tomorrow will bring? Anyone of us could have big changes of plans suddenly, and we can only wish for the best for the ones who leave the Bloggosphere for a moment, or for good!

      I hadn’t realized you had started blogging in 2015 too! Isn’t amazing that it’s been 4 years already?? I am so very glad that our paths have crossed… Here’s to 4 more, of discovering Australia through your beautiful blog (and Instagram 🙂 )

      Liked by 2 people

      1. And hopefully in person! 😁 Yes, I agree. Everyone comes on here for their own reason and I see it as an absolute blessing when we cross paths and connect with so many amazing people, like yourself, from all over the world. Keep smiling my friend. xx 💕

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