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Controversy at the White House…

I already talked about the new (well not so new anymore, but still as entertaining) American comedy show, Controversy at the White House.

Some people have tried to make me believe that this is actually news, I am watching on tv, but I am not that naive! I’ve been fooled in the past, and now, I double check my sources before telling you just anything!

This couldn’t possibly be true, even if I pretended to believe it, and thank God it isn’t. Woa… I wouldn’t want to live in a world led by clowns like that!

I must admit I didn’t follow CATWH closely while on vacation, and I didn’t catch up on what I have missed since, but I thought this morning’s episode was worth mentionning.

So, in the recent episodes, a major storm has hit Puerto Rico, and obviously, we expected the U.S. to give Puerto Ricans a hand with the devestation left behind. Just made sense.

But this morning, there was a scene (particularly ridiculous, if you ask me) where the U.S. president blamed Puerto Rico for the money spent helping, and saying basically (on national tv, nothing less) something like (I’m not quoting here, but it was pretty much what was said);

– Boohoo, you had what? 16, 17 deaths? Don’t you remember that we lost thousands of lives back when Katrina hit the coasts?? What are you people whining about anyway?!?

I mean, the authors of the show are really pushing the joke to the limit. Come on, guys, I know that it is better than just going through Twitter again (I think they are trying to save money by presenting all those tweets without having to pay the actual actor playing the president!), but people are going to stop watching if it becomes too absurd.

I mean, they even almost managed to get Canadians angry. How could that ever happen?? Seriously, guys, you have to plan a brainstorming evening, and get this straight before your show slips from comedy to pure sci-fi!

Really….  *sigh*


8 thoughts on “Controversy at the White House…

    1. I don’t think there is any need to appologize… I think I speak for a lot of non-Americans when I say that we are aware most of you aren’t happy with him as the head of the country.

      If anything, we feel sorry for you to have to live with his mindblowing moves… I really don’t think the situation is funny, but watching him go day after day, my disbelief just becomes unbearable at times like this morning… 🙂

      Hang in there! 😉

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      1. I remember sending a tweet to President Barack Obama explaining my support for his vision of fairness and equality for all people. I didn’t think that really anything would become of it, but a little over two weeks later, President Obama himself followed me back on Twitter.

        President Obama was a President whom I had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for. Trump is quite the opposite.

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