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Dear Life…



Dear Life…

I am sorry. As one of the about 7 500 000 000 human beings living right now, I am sorry. I will not appologize for the about 7 499 999 999 others, just in case you decide to punish me for us all, but believe me, I don’t feel too proud to be part of the gang.

When I woke up this morning, I learned about the tragic events in Las Vegas.  It’s not the first time one of us fucks up (excuse my French), and it most certainly isn’t the worst we’ve done so far. Unfortunately.

We’ve become pretty good at killing each other for no valuable reason. We’ve been doing it for ages, and we have become quite creative about it. I know that we’re pretty much the only living specie on Earth, killing others of our own kind, and that’s not something to be proud of.

I think our so-called superior intelligence has gone to our heads. We feed on power, or at least the feeling that we have some over others. We crave to be the king of the mountain, and will spare no means to get there.

Often in the news, we hear that people doing things like what happened in Las Vegas are lone wolves. For one, I think that is insulting towards wolves. And though these people act on their own, there are far too many of them to just close our eyes and think “yeah, well… what can we do anyway??”

I say “we”, even if I don’t share the hate these people have in their hearts. I say “we”, even if I don’t want to rule the world or have my 15 minutes of fame. I say “we” because these people are people too. And as much as I disagree with them, they are not aliens, or monsters of another specie that is terrorizing ours.

Just yesterday, they were other people’s fathers, brothers, spouses… And that is what’s terrifying about them. And Life, I feel sorry that more and more of us feel the need to spread suffering and death around them.

Mother Nature is already a handful, if you ask me… Why don’t we cut ourselves a little slack, right?

The day is ending now, in my part of the world, and I am a little discouraged, to say the least. Discouraged, and sorry.

Please remember the good souls when you prepare for tomorrow. There are a lot of those too, among us. There’s a lot of good in the hearts of us humans… I just hope it outbeats the darkness of the desperate, sooner than later.

Sooner, than too late.


6 thoughts on “Dear Life…

  1. We really failed as a society, I think.

    Take my day, for example. I was out looking for photos when I just happened to stop in at a gas station. Another car pulled in next to mine that was literally on fire. Flames were obviously coming out from the engine compartment.

    I immediately ran inside the station in need of a fire extinguisher. There were none outside, which is a huge violation of fire code (17 years in the fire service). The employee behind the counter was very rude and told me point blank that I couldn’t take the fire extinguisher out of the store. I explained that a car was on fire outside and didn’t have time to argue, but she told me that she didn’t care.

    Luckily another customer overheard the commotion and grabbed the extinguisher for me and blocked the employee from taking it back.

    Needless to say, the fire department arrived a few minutes later and said that my quick actions saved not only the car but possibly the gas station itself. Another 30 seconds and it would have been too late.

    Anyway, I thought about the handful of other customers who noticed the car fire and figured that it wasn’t their problem, so they did nothing. Nobody called 911, or even let someone working at the station that there was a car on fire.

    What happened to us as a society? How is it now acceptable to see a life-threatening emergency unfolding and not have the common decency to at least call for help?

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    1. OMG, what a great example of how terribly scary individualism is becoming!

      Sometimes, when I look at how things are going around the planet, I have the feeling that people are so connected to technology, that they get disconnected from life… Totally.

      And yet, I know there are still so many people worried sick about all of us riding straight to the wall, and trying to make a difference to make the world a better place to live in….

      When I was watching the videos of the Las Vegas events on the news, they showed perfect strangers going out of their way to help the wounded, and I thought to myself “there is still some good, in people in general… But why does it take such tragic events to bring it out of us??”

      I hope there’s still light at the end of the tunnel… and that it is not another train!

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      1. I like to think that I am one of those people who has actually gone out of my way to help others many times, a handful of times putting my own safety at risk.

        I am scared that one day I might one day need the assistance of someone else, simply to summon help or to do the right thing, and they will be too apathetic to care.

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