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O like OMG… A to Z Challenge



OMG indeed!

I hope you Lovelies are sitting down, because this is big! No, I’m just exagerating again, you’ll smile at best, but this morning, as I woke up, something exciting awaited me…

Really exciting! For me…

Denmark likes me! Well, not me, per say, but Denmark liked something I said on the Internets! For real. No jokes. You people know I never kid about Denmark!

Remember four days ago when I published the post about this guy who wrote to Denmark to ask to borrow Greenland?  You can catch up here. Well, of course I commented back to the friend who had tagged me on Facebook.

The exact message I wrote to her said

I am so jealous!! How come I didn’t get the idea to write directly to Denmark?? LOL This is very funny, and if it is true (I am very cautious about stories on The Internets) it once again shows how awesome Denmark and Danes are… Just look at yourself! You’re one living proof of that 🙂 xx Thanks for linking me in!

And this morning…



Denmark.dk had left a “like” on my comment!

OMG! Someone at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark took the time to read my good words about DK, and to “like” it. I am in shock!

I do consider myself Denmark’s biggest fan… And I know I have spent a less than sane amount of time praising the big little country over the past couple of years. But there are many people sharing my interest in Vikingland, and I can’t even imagine how many comments have been shared on Facebook, mentionning Denmark, in the history of The Internets…

What were the odds?

That mysterious Dane has no idea how happy he/she made me today.

That’s about it for now… I’ll just sit here on the couch, think about it, and maybe faint.

14 thoughts on “O like OMG… A to Z Challenge

    1. Thank you Suze 🙂

      When I saw the “like” this morning, I thought it was from one of those many pages held by other Denmark-crazies like me… But when I saw Ministry of Foreign Affairs…. My heart litterally skipped a beat!! I think I have checked my Facebook pages 50 times since, just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake! LOOOOL


      1. Yes, I am – have taken Miley out twice to the dog park and it is cold here as well. But fun to watch this funny little puppy prance around and chase her ball. I am very happy you heard from Denmark! My dream country is France. Haven’t been there yet but hope to soon!

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      2. I’m glad Miley is adapting well to her new family and routine 🙂

        I’ve been to France several times (I had 2 boyfriends who lived there when in my 20s)… I mostly visited the South, and I loved it… If/when you go, what part of it do you wish to visit the most? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Of course, I would love to see Paris, but I am particularly interested in Nice and Lorraine because I trained in French cuisine in culinary school and some of my favourite dishes and techniques come from those regions.

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  1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! Oh my goshhhhh— this is too stinking cool! I can’t even imagine how much this made your day. One of my good friends in my cohort is moving to Denmark in a few years… I always think of you when she talks about it, and I totally understand your obsession. It’s an amazing place! So excited for you, Cyranny! This is too fun. #denmarkcelebrity ! Félicitations à vous ❤


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