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Margaret… – FFFC

    Walter pushed the books aside, on the table, and opened the computer. A couple of weeks back, his grand children had put together the money to offer him a brand new laptop for his eightieth birthday. Billy, his eldest grandson had created a Facebook page for him. Walter had disagreed at first, but…… Continue reading Margaret… – FFFC

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Go viral? Thanks, but no thanks! (May 8th FFF)

I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback! Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date the year before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I decided to participate… So…… Continue reading Go viral? Thanks, but no thanks! (May 8th FFF)

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Go viral? Thanks, but no thanks!

  As bloggers, we seek attention. Not all in the same extent, of course. And we don’t all work as hard to pull the spotlight on us, but we all share this need to be known. If you are thinking “I don’t need attention” right now, tell me… Honestly, why do you publish your ideas…… Continue reading Go viral? Thanks, but no thanks!

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O like OMG… A to Z Challenge

  OMG indeed! I hope you Lovelies are sitting down, because this is big! No, I’m just exagerating again, you’ll smile at best, but this morning, as I woke up, something exciting awaited me… Really exciting! For me… Denmark likes me! Well, not me, per say, but Denmark liked something I said on the Internets!…… Continue reading O like OMG… A to Z Challenge

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Life crumbs…

  Chéri, showing me his tablet, obviously excited;  “Look, now I can use a vacuum cleaner to find new clues in Criminal Case!” (Facebook game). Me;  … Me, thinking; (We have a vacuum cleaner too, you know?)   I wonder if I should hide clues in the apartment?

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M – Part Thirteen

  Back home (my real home), I barely have time to lay my hand on the doorknob before hearing a tornado making its way towards the apartment’s entry. It is Fiou, of course. The furry ball has been named after the reaction he causes when people see him the first time… He is disorienting, despite…… Continue reading M – Part Thirteen

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Just thinking…

  A Facebook friend wrote something tonight, that roughly translates into the following; Today, a friend helped me, and refused that I’d pay him in return… Thank you second neighbour! As you might imagine, she got various comments like “Aww how great of him!” “Way to go, man!”  And I am glad she got help…… Continue reading Just thinking…

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  Not so long ago, I got a friend request on Facebook. Martin Allaway  wished to be friends with me, and I must say, I felt quite honored. Mr Allaway was an 82 years old Scottish man, and need I say, a man of God. He was severely sick with a terrible case of lung…… Continue reading Friendship…

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I must be going mad… Some people attack a Häagen Dazs pint with a spoon and a blanket when they’re not at their best. Ice cream will make me sick in less time it would take you to choose your favorite flavor, so I had to discard this option. I usually have two ways to…… Continue reading Tweeting?

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The Cove is expanding….

  Who would’ve thought? Recently, I commented on one of Danny’s Let me ask you a question posts, about blogging and social medias… As I told Danny, I have never linked the Cove to my Facebook profile, or my Twitter account. It is a choice I made at the very beginning of my attempt at blogging. It…… Continue reading The Cove is expanding….