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Just thinking…



A Facebook friend wrote something tonight, that roughly translates into the following;

Today, a friend helped me, and refused that I’d pay him in return… Thank you second neighbour!

As you might imagine, she got various comments like “Aww how great of him!” “Way to go, man!”  And I am glad she got help from that neighbour/friend.

But I just thought to myself…  “What happened to helping each other naturally?”   Why has it become exceptionnal?


3 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. I think there’s a new fear in people to help others sometimes-we’re such a sue-happy society now…. but I DO think it still happens every day-and we don’t shout it out enough maybe like your friend did. Maybe the shout outs are more of what we need too-to hear more of the good in the world eh?


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