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Sending my love…

  A little over a month ago, a very dear friend lost a sibling, very unexpectedly. This morning, I learned about the death of the son of another close friend. In either case, I am not geographically close enough to do the only thing that would seem appropriate; go pay a visit, and offer a…… Continue reading Sending my love…

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If you came to Montréal… (10)

Yesterday, my parents came to town for a family day of fun! Summer, in Montréal can be a little tricky… We have bad car traffic to start with, but during the summer months, it gets worse for many reasons. The city takes advantage of the nice weather to make most of the construction work, blocking…… Continue reading If you came to Montréal… (10)

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We are awesome….

I am preparing a post about our family day out, yesterday… It was a beautiful day, clear Québec blue sky and hot bright sun… We had a great time, and I took a lot pictures for you. While I sort them, and write down our whereabouts, I just wanted to focus on this shot, that…… Continue reading We are awesome….

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Denmark memories home at last…

  When I travel to Denmark, I only carry my backpack, which doesn’t allow to bring back big gifts, or personal souvenirs… I travel light, and my most precious souvenirs are the pictures I take, and the experiences I live. I bring back friends’ smiles and giggles, the smell of the sea, and the feeling…… Continue reading Denmark memories home at last…

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Tea Party Time – Let’s Groove — a cooking pot and twisted tales

I am about to leave for the day…. Today is family time downtown Montréal, to enjoy “Le Vieux Port” (rings a bell??).  I’ll make sure to bring you pictures! In the meanwhile, why not join Jacqueline’s party to discover fabulous bloggers, and share your own work?? Jacqueline’s Meets & Greets are always great, and I’ll…… Continue reading Tea Party Time – Let’s Groove — a cooking pot and twisted tales