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We are awesome….

I am preparing a post about our family day out, yesterday…

It was a beautiful day, clear Québec blue sky and hot bright sun… We had a great time, and I took a lot pictures for you.

While I sort them, and write down our whereabouts, I just wanted to focus on this shot, that made me giggle, when I stopped in front of the shop.




My first reaction was to find it funny, but then, I thought it was just a great way to invite people in! How can you expect people to enter your store (or get interested in reading your blog) if you don’t believe what you are offering is awesome?

There are numerous souvenirs stores in Old Montréal… Selling pretty much the same t-shirts and mugs and postcards. There are bazillions blogs to choose from, when you have a few minutes to spare scrolling down your Reader. Why decide to read someone who says ‘Yeah, meh… I’m just here.’ when you can try a blog that screams ‘Hey!!  Want to have fun? Join us!!’

I don’t claim to have anything particularly interesting or clever so say, but The Cove is a great place to be, I strongly believe that. You Lovelies bring life in here, and often, the conversations following the silly posts I pubished are far more interesting than the posts themselves!

I might be silly at times, but I know that my blog is a fun meeting point for fabulous people. And that’s enough for me to claim loud and clear…


Come in… We are awesome!!

4 thoughts on “We are awesome….

    1. Steal it! Please do…

      Hah! Yeah, I couldn’t take the picture without catching myself, and I had doubts before posting the picture, but since the reflection is not clear, I went ahead. You know… Me and selfies, we don’t get along very well.

      And yes, I am a shorty. 5’4″ (162 cm) of pure awkward me… LOL


      1. Well, if you really are 6’6″ you ARE freakishly tall to me… Mouahahaha. But I’d say “freakishly” in a good way. Most women I know like tall men 🙂

        Wow, just think about it… 14 inches… you could put your arm over my head, and the tip of my head would probably not reach your armpit! LOL


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