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Why do you blog?

A lot of people don’t understand blogging. I couldn’t blame them, just a little short under two years ago, I didn’t know either. All I had heard about blogging was from professional bloggers that did movie reviews, or wrote about traveling or cooking. To me, blogging was a job, and I had never considered it…… Continue reading Why do you blog?

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Letter to her…

Dearest, Time sure has flown by since my last letter. The guys advised me to tell you we’ve been over busy, but I know you just wouldn’t buy it. And I don’t see the need to lie to you. Things have been crazy around here nonetheless, making me miss home a little more everyday. A…… Continue reading Letter to her…

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Where’s the crown, Suze?

Madame SuzeĀ promised us a version 2.0 of her tin foil crown, with jewels and all… And we’re waiting. No pressure, Suze, but I thought I could provide you with a little bit of inspiration!   Yeah, it’s the Danish Royal crown… What else?? šŸ˜‰