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And here’s #1338!

Congratulations for publishing your 1337th post.   Well, thank you WordPress! I think I can say, in all honesty, that I didn’t see this one coming! I might look a bit sarcastic, but I am not. I appreciate the pat on the back, and the administrators’ obvious sense of humor. I mean who needs a…… Continue reading And here’s #1338!

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That movie… (Almost a Picture Battle vs Momma)

… or just comment… personally I can’t even put up a gif… freaks me out too much… and she whispers Chucky… via That Movie… — A Momma’s View   My traumatizing movie was Poltergeist… I was 7 years old, and this scene, when the tree breaks in the little girl’s room!!  Woah! It stuck for a…… Continue reading That movie… (Almost a Picture Battle vs Momma)

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  Not so long ago, I got a friend request on Facebook. Martin Allaway  wished to be friends with me, and I must say, I felt quite honored. Mr Allaway was an 82 years old Scottish man, and need I say, a man of God. He was severely sick with a terrible case of lung…… Continue reading Friendship…