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That movie… (Almost a Picture Battle vs Momma)

… or just comment… personally I can’t even put up a gif… freaks me out too much… and she whispers Chucky…

via That Movie… — A Momma’s View


My traumatizing movie was Poltergeist… I was 7 years old, and this scene, when the tree breaks in the little girl’s room!!  Woah! It stuck for a while…

Why was I watching a horror movie at the age of 7? Well we were moving in a new house, and my parents were taking care of moving stuff, while my brother and I watched tv. When we noticed the next show would be a horror movie, we kept silent (we obviously weren’t allowed to watch them back then)… When Mom caught us, this was burnt in my child’s brain:


24 thoughts on “That movie… (Almost a Picture Battle vs Momma)

      1. O-M-G! let me get some foil paper!!!!

        You might not believe me but after not hearing about this song for years and years, I searched it on Youtube yesterday! It’s a song I absolutely loooove although the video IS creepy….

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      2. Hahahaha what are the odds of that?

        It’s the creepy ass bitch with the black hair she freaked me The. Fuck. Out.
        She scared the crap out of me.
        I have a vivid memory of sitting in the living room on a Sunday night listening to the charts on my radio Walkman (yes I was that cool 😎) I would have been 7 when the song was released (yes I Googled that) it came on the radio and I threw my Walkman across the room and started freaking out. My mum had to calm me down

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    1. Oh yeah… that traitor was one of the worst! Attacking people in their sleep, how horrible!! I had a couple of (almost) sleepless nights because of him!!


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