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Margaret… – FFFC




Walter pushed the books aside, on the table, and opened the computer.

A couple of weeks back, his grand children had put together the money to offer him a brand new laptop for his eightieth birthday.

Billy, his eldest grandson had created a Facebook page for him. Walter had disagreed at first, but it seemed like it would allow him to keep in touch with the whole family, even those really far away.

His first contacts had all been in the family. Then he had looked up neighbours, and other people he knew. He had even found long lost friends… This internet thing was beginning to be fun.

And then, there was Margaret.

He had found Margaret purely by luck, while searching for someone else. There were a lot of pictures on her profile, and she was just stunningly beautiful. What did he have to loose?

Now they were ”friends” and exchanged a few words everyday. Walter had a good feeling about Margaret, who lived just a couple of streets away. He hadn’t had the guts to invite himself over yet, but he hoped they would meet soon.

Wearing his fanciest suit, Walter worked hard to take a picture of himself, and then spent an eternity posting it on his page, hoping Margaret would like it.

Soon after, he recieved a notification.

Fine picture, you really look swell!

He blushed.

Happy you like it… It wouldn’t match any of yours, but…

More waiting.

Pictures are nice, but meeting face to face would be even better, don’t you think?

He smiled. She was kind of bold…He liked that.

I agree.

There’s so much more we could do if you came over.

Walter felt week in the knees.

Suddenly, a message from Billy interrupted them.

Grandpa, you’re having a public conversation!




Viaย Fandangoโ€™s Flash Fiction Challenge

9 thoughts on “Margaret… – FFFC

    1. Hhahahahaha So do I!! I am so glad this made you laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ I think we all need a little more giggling in these weird times! Stay safe and well, dear xx


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