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What you should focus on…

  Next week, we’ll be in 2021. A lot of us will be looking for some inspiration to have a better year than 2020 was. Quite frankly, I think that if you just keep breathing for a couple of months, Life will probably do the job for you.  But if you’re the kind of person…… Continue reading What you should focus on…

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It’s been three and a half hours, since the Internets decided to leave me. I love the Internets dearly, and I just don’t understand why it decided to break up with me so unexpectedly. Of course, I can always ask for a little help from my cell phone and flirt with the mighty cellular Internets,…… Continue reading Internetless…

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Margaret… – FFFC

    Walter pushed the books aside, on the table, and opened the computer. A couple of weeks back, his grand children had put together the money to offer him a brand new laptop for his eightieth birthday. Billy, his eldest grandson had created a Facebook page for him. Walter had disagreed at first, but…… Continue reading Margaret… – FFFC

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Just thinking…

  I admire people who are disciplined. I wish I had what it takes to get back from a long day of work, pack my bag and go training for an hour or two. But when I get a little free time, I usually prefer to snuggle on the couch with a blanket and my…… Continue reading Just thinking…

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Just thinking…

  Here is yet another example of when I don’t care if the Internets are lying to me. If they are, please, don’t bother telling me in the comments below! A friend of mine just pointed out an article on CNN’s website. I mean, I trust CNN to be pretty serious with the information they put online (Sorry Mr. T.)…… Continue reading Just thinking…

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Flash News! We’re a hoax too!

Dear Lovelies… I think The Internets are trying to change the world we used to know. I am not sure yet… I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this is getting weirder and weirder. First, this past Monday, I learned that Australia didn’t exist. I mean, if the World Wide Web told me that…… Continue reading Flash News! We’re a hoax too!

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Dang Internets!

  This post was supposed to be entittled Quit your day job, please! up until 10 minutes ago. Now, I am disappointed. Earlier, I found this ad, and I burst into laughter. I just kept thinking “about time you’d pee on that stick, girl!” I laughed and laughed… And giggled and snorted a bit. and I…… Continue reading Dang Internets!

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Do you have a minute to waste… Or 20??

  Good evening Lovelies! This will be quick, because there’s not much to say about it, it is an experience…. If you’re a regular in the Cove, you know my love-hate relation with everything Google related! I love Googling my way around, BUT I rarely trust the information I find on the Internets (yes, yes,…… Continue reading Do you have a minute to waste… Or 20??


Can you give me an example?

I like checking random words through the Internets from time to time… I am just curious. And I do enjoy the fact that now, online dictionaries often provide examples of the use of the word I’m looking up. Today, I was looking for the correct way to say Omoplate in English   Really? Among…… Continue reading Can you give me an example?