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Sorry for doubting you, dear Internets…

I have trusting issues, when it comes to The Internets.

I wish I could blindly believe all the cool stuff I see online, but unfortunately, with all the editing and staging going on, I now feel safer taking for granted that anything that’s looking too good to be true, probably isn’t.

As a matter of fact, I remember the exact reason I ceased to trust the net. It was many years back, when I came across the funniest thing ever. Just before Thankgiving, an American man had posted tweets throughout his flight home to go celebrate with his family. There was a very annoying woman on the plane, and he had engaged into a passive agressive argument with the lady, keeping his followers posted, whenever something new happened. 

It was hilarious, and I remember sharing the ”conversation” between the two of them with A LOT of people. Until one day, when not finding the link, I made a bit of research, to find out hat it was a prank, and that many major American newspapers had covered the ”news”. (If you’d like to read the ”conversation”, you can get it here.

To say that I was disappointed is an euphemism.

But yes, Elan Gale broke my naive trust in The Internets.

Which brings us to the point of this post…

Recently, I came across a TikTok video showing how this woman was making a pulled chicken alfredo pasta recipe in her slow cooker. At this time of the year, I am always looking for new slow cooker things to try, because it is the perfect comfort food kind, that we all need in Freezingland, when the temperature is dropping.

The video was about a minute long, and so very basic, that my mind was screaming ”Fake! Fake! This can’t be that easy!!!!”

But I just had to try, and I thought I’d take pictures, to share the recipe, just in case it would be a success. So… Here is how my little experiment went!




Step 1.

I oiled my pot, and put three chicken breasts in. (So far, so good)




Step 2.

I added a table spoon of garlic powder, and one of Italian seasoning. Salt and pepper (as much as you personnally like).  I have to say, I agreed with the comments on the lady’s post, who were saying that she wasn’t using enough seasoning… I improvized here, we’ll see how that turns out, right?




Step 3.

I added a cup of 35% cream, half a block of cream cheese (about half a cup). The butter was a little tricky, because the recipe said half a stick, and I doubt the lady’s stick was the same size we buy here… So I guessed a little less than half a cup.

I know, that’s a lot of guessing, but when you have a minute long video, you just have to try to fill the gaps. Fingers crossed.

I turned the slow cooker on, on ”high” for 4 hours.




Step 4.

I checked that the chicken was cooked through (nobody wants to host a salmonella party, right?), and took it out of the slow cooker.  

That step was my main concern. I thought it would be tricky to shred the meat to get nicely pulled chicken. But it worked super easily, using two forks not to burn my fingers.

Once I was done, I put the chicken back in the slow cooker.




Step 5.

I added about 200 grams of rigatoni pasta, another cup of 35% cream, and mixed all the ingredients. I just made sure that all the noodles were in the sauce, and started the slow cooker again, on ”high”.




I wish I could tell you how long it took to bake the pasta, but I didn’t take a note. If you want to try the recipe, you’ll have to do like me, and check from time to time… And then…




Step 6.

Plating time!! Grate a little bit of parmesan cheese, and enjoy!

Seriously… I was impressed. It is not a fine cuisine dish, but it is incredibly simple and easy to make. And it tasted really good (Chéri requested that I keep the recipe close by). All in all, a perfect dish for a cold fall evening.

And it gives you four very decent portions.

So…  Many thanks to that lovely lady for sharing her recipe (even if I pimped it a bit). She just proved me that some of the cool things we see online are true.

Has it fixed my trust in The Internets? Sadly no. And I have Elan Gale to blame for that.

Dang you, Elan!

4 thoughts on “Sorry for doubting you, dear Internets…

  1. Okay, I must try this recipe. As far Elan and his shenanigans go, you could think of it as one of those stories some people tell via tweets only. I don’t know. But one thing I do know, he shouldn’t have left out go on as he did.

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