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Cyranny’s quickie!



Have you ever had really strange neighbours?



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6 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Yes when we lived in downtown Toronto we had weird neighbours on both sides. One was a recluse who NEVER came out and had to have someone bring her food etc. The other side was a curious woman who decided that our driveway was her property. We had to get a lawyer to set her right and then she started drawing messages on our car windows.


  2. Where we grew up, we had some next door neighbours who would fight a lot. The screaming was so terrifying to hear, Dad would have to call the police. But we actually had a good rapport with them. We were always friendly and kind, but it was obvious they had serious issues. They did not seem to hold it against us it when Dad had to call the police out to their home. Next door to them were occupants who had been served time for paedophilia charges. They used to knock on our door sometimes and give my Mum frozen pizzas or big bags of crisps or sweets for our family. At the back of out house, there was a house were the guy was beating his girlfriend. Mum reported him, and then the guy started making death threats towards us kids. He used to leer through our garden fence and we used to pull faces at him. We were so glad when he moved and a nice family moved in.

    But we also had some lovely neighbours. Mumma and Dadda set certain rules long before we were able to understand why. From a very young age, they told us never ever to accept an invitation to go inside any of their homes for a drink or sweets. We obeyed. I think we were naturally cautious anyway of anyone who smoked. Anyone who smoked seemed like a bad person no matter how nice they were to us. We were allowed to play with some of our nice neighbours. There was a family who had children the same ages as us, and we frequently walked to and from school together and played in each other’s homes/gardens together.

    We loved our home town, and we loved the house we grew up in. Lots of happy memories. But yes….we did have some odd neighbours at times.


  3. Not so much strange, but if there was a wrong irresponsible way to do it, they would take that. We had two sets of those, and the first ones we started off so well with, and they were always friendly with us….BUT had issues with a few neighbours, not helped by their choice of smoking material.


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