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My serial killer neighbours…

Last Friday, during out Skype session, I mentionned how some of my across the street neighbours were intriguing me greatly. I’ve lived in this same apartment for almost ten years, now. Needless to say that I am very familiar with the whole neighbourhood. I know every backstreet, every alley, and of course, though I don’t…… Continue reading My serial killer neighbours…

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I did it!

Oh my, what a day… As some of you might remember, today our landlord and downstairs neighbour was due to visit us to fix some water leaking. I wasn’t excited about the home intrusion, to say the least. The appointment was at 3h30 – 4 pm. I was hoping for the earliest, so that I’d…… Continue reading I did it!

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The block…

  She took a good look at herself in the mirror. It would take a whole lot of make up to make her pretty enough to get good tips…. Of course, a couple more hours of sleep would have done the job, but that damn newborn downstairs had decided otherwise. She put her high heels…… Continue reading The block…

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Kind Hearted Challenge – October Edition

  Happy first day of October, Lovelies! This is the third edition of the Kind Hearted Challenge! I must admit that September’s edition was rather, hmmm, quiet. That was probably my fault, and my fault only, but I hope that October will inspire you more to embark my little challenge! If this is the first time…… Continue reading Kind Hearted Challenge – October Edition

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Slipper fight!

via Daily Prompt: Triumph   As a dear friend of mine would say, “some people’s kids”. A strange fight has been going on between Chéri and I, and the downstair neighbours. For two weeks, now. Fourteen days… Yeah, two weeks ago, I came back home, and there was a red and blue knitted slipper on…… Continue reading Slipper fight!