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Slipper fight!

via Daily Prompt: Triumph


As a dear friend of mine would say, “some people’s kids”.

A strange fight has been going on between Chéri and I, and the downstair neighbours. For two weeks, now. Fourteen days…

Yeah, two weeks ago, I came back home, and there was a red and blue knitted slipper on the top stair leading to our apartments’ doors. I thought it belonged to the landlord and wife, living downstairs. The next day, it was still there. I doubt it is because neither of them has seen it, because it is a tad flashy.

I am guessing they thought it was ours. But it isn’t.

The first few days were obviously just a buffer, giving the slipper owner time to pick the thing off the floor, and bring it home. But now, it has turned into an “I’m not getting rid of this” silent war.

Here is proof I am not making this up.



I know it is childish, but I see that as a challenge. It would take a minute of my time to throw it out, but I just have to know how long they will endure this. And I kind of hope that they are as stubborn as I can be.

Useless. I know.

Can you even believe you are wasting your time reading this?

Regardless…. I.will.triumph!



P.S. I have thought about knocking at their door asking if they would have seen a blue and red slipper, once it is gone. But I wouldn’t have the balls to do it. It would be funny, though!!

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