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Are you ashamed of me?

That’s what I asked Chéri, this afternoon. It has been a beautiful day, here in Montréal. Sunny and warm… Ok, hot. Over 30 degrees – that’s really hot when you live in Freezingland! Chéri proposed that we walked to the grocery store instead of taking the car. Which is always a “yes” for me, because…… Continue reading Are you ashamed of me?

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A Friend In Trouble — Petals Unfolding

Hello Lovelies… I just came across this post, and I am quite shaken. Irene (IreneDesign2011) is currently fighting for her life, and… well I’ll let Amyrose’s post do the talking. I hope Irene will get tons of positive energy from our little bloggosphere, be it in the form of prayers, or warm thoughts… She is…… Continue reading A Friend In Trouble — Petals Unfolding

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  She went through the album slowly, letting the tip of her fingers go from one picture to the next, as if she could make a braille reading of their past together. The first time we met… She murmured as she stared at his ever disarming smile. She didn’t believe in love at first sight…… Continue reading Memories