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Are you ashamed of me?

That’s what I asked Chéri, this afternoon.

It has been a beautiful day, here in Montréal. Sunny and warm… Ok, hot. Over 30 degrees – that’s really hot when you live in Freezingland!

Chéri proposed that we walked to the grocery store instead of taking the car. Which is always a “yes” for me, because I enjoy walking, and it gives me an occasion to go picture hunting for my After Eight Moment of the day.

So, out we went, and I stopped a number of times to catch all kinds of shots. Each time, he walked about 10 meters away from me, and waited from there…

Here’s proof of what I am saying…


Reason for the picture; This sign prevents from work being done on Carignan Avenue… Between Marseille street, and Marseille street. (??? What the dang? )

Note the presence of Chéri behind the sign. He is not that far, probably because I was quick to take my picture this particular time.

So on our way back, I confronted him…

Are you ashamed of me?

There was quite a bit of not understandable mumbling, and he ended up saying he didn’t need to stay close to me while I took my pictures, since I would eventually show him my photos at home anyway.

Yeah, right!

I can recognize a man running away when I see one.

I wasn’t mad. In fact, I thought about taking a whole series of shots every few meters, to see how quick we could get back home.

Maybe next time, if it isn’t as hot outside!

4 thoughts on “Are you ashamed of me?

  1. The Viking walks away from me all the damned time! It’s usually because I’ve seen something that we definitely need to buy OR something we definitely need to do. He says it’s easier to walk away than pick me up and carry me. To be fair though, I walk away from him all the damned time, too. Mostly in tool stores where his eyes glaze over and he starts fondling things. I stood in front of him once, hoping he would fondle me by accident, but he just stepped to his left and carried on.

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