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You thought I had quit…



Didn’t you?

You thought I had let you down… That I had invented this whole serial killer neighbours story, and that that was it.

And you are so wrong.

My neighbours are real people, and they really are weird. And if I did keep a low profile for a couple of weeks, it’s only for my own (ok, and Chéri’s and Freja’s) safety. I have been reminded numerous times that investigating on strangers just across the street could get me into trouble, and if these people can kill and dismember the bodies to throw them in the trash, they probably wouldn’t mind breaking into my apartment…

So I did lay low for a while.

Last week, there was absolutely no trash on the sidewalk, which was surprising to say the least. Were my neighbours on killing vacation? An inner voice was telling me that it wasn’t like them.

And this afternoon, I took the above picture.

Still no garbage. I decided to take a couple more pictures (because… yeah, I had some time to kill, Chéri was in charge of dinner tonight) and BAM! I got a new clue.




See how the bush in the middle of the picture seems blurry?

Well, I know that the scepticals among you will shout out loud that there was a dirty spot on my window, but I am fairly sure that you doubtful people are wrong. No, what we have here, is the proof that my neighbours have noticed my spying, and to be sure that I wouldn’t gather more evidence of what they are up to, they put in place a complicated holographic system that makes it look like there is no trash in front of their building.

But no system is perfect, and I had caught a glitch, which meant that I just had to be patient.

And it did pay off.




As you can see, I was very discreet, hiding behind my green onions, when the system finally failed.





I couldn’t resist. I stood up and took this last picture. As you can see for yourself, the math is the same as it was when I first started to enquire. Left side building: two apartments – six bags. Right side building: six apartments – two bags.

And for those of you who’ve been following my silly investigation, you’ll probably notice another major sign that I’m onto something… Just about a month ago I wondered if my neighbours were trying to get rid of human blood by pouring it around the tree stump and hosing it with much much water (you can see the pictures here).

Someone had pointed out that if it actually was human blood, it would probably make the tree grow a couple of branches, and I must say… I didn’t believe anything could make that stump grow anything. I guess, I too can be wrong. Because that stump really looks happy now.

And that’s a bit scary…

Isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “You thought I had quit…

  1. Cranny I am dying! OMG you are hilarious. I wish that I had neighbors who did things like this I would have so much fun coming up with stories. Alas my neighbors are all quiet and we have a dumpster at the end of the building so I cannot even see if there is a wildly different amount of garbage. Now having said that I am sure when I do a major clean and purge and neighbors see me making several trips down are probably wondering how one woman can generate that much garbage. I too am perplexed by this as is T. He wants to know how I make so much compared to him and his dad. I said I was magic lol 🙂


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