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Hey! It’s just Tuesday!


I promise I am not a creepy person…

I am no sociopath that intensively spies on her neighbours with bad intentions. But when you’ve been trapped in your second floor apartment for fifteen months, and you have neighbours like mine, you just end up looking like one. What can I say? Entertainment is entertainment, and you take whatever you can get.

Like today… When I caught this guy watering… the tree stump? I know that I cried like a baby when they cut my tree, but a couple of days later, I had moved on, and I never even thought about trying to make it grow back. I just wanted to go to the balcony and scream across the street ”It’s not coming back, weird neighbour!!”

I wanted to give him the benefit of a doubt, and wondered if he might have been watering the plants around the stump. But I know there’s just a patch of wild grass there, and it just seems silly to take the time to water it.

So what, then?


I was snapping some shots, when weird neighbour checked around him to make sure no one was looking (think again, champion), picked something lying next to the stump, and hiding in the tall wild grass, and tossed it a couple of feet away.

Ah haaaa!!



As you all know by now, we only put the trash out on Wednesday night. Wich means that someone was trying to get a discreet head start.

Forcing me to write, yet again, about our trash. And slowly making me the blogger with the best documented neighbourhood garbage disposal. I wonder if that’s something I should be proud of, or worried about?


P.S. As I was chatting with a friend of mine, and sharing the above pictures with her (because, yes, I do talk about these observations with people for real… I am not just inventing stuff to (try to) entertain the Bloggosphere) she went screaming (which caught me a bit off guard – she’s not the screaming type) ”HE’S CLEANING OUT THE BLOOD!!!  PROOF! PROOF!”   And she got me wondering (again). If she’s right, the conspiracy goes far beyond what I had thought about. And if she’s right, these people are pretty confident (and/or dangerous) because who cleans out blood in the middle of the afternoon like that????

9 thoughts on “Hey! It’s just Tuesday!

  1. We had to have a big ash tree cut down in our garden because it had die back. But shoots continued to grow from the base of the stump – so he could be trying to resurrect the tree!


  2. Resurrection seems unlikely, it would seem. But one cannot help but admire the simple gesture of hope ….

    I cry for you, my fallen friend
    I mourn your fall, your tragic end
    A giant who could not defend
    I watched your majesty descend
    So now with water thee be fed
    Symbolic of the tears I’ve shed
    Rest my princess, be not dead
    Repose within this garden bed


  3. The type of neighbour to be doing this is one with enough confidence to know, its very easy to dilute blood outside the body (its actually fairly easy to do it inside the body, but it may kill the subject) by mixing blood with water in a big container and then watering somewhere, that has the potentioal to have big roots, is a fairly good idea. It all depends whether that patch of grass, is on dirt or concrete, if its on concrete you run the risk of the blood not being diluted enough and staining.


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