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I did it!


Oh my, what a day…

As some of you might remember, today our landlord and downstairs neighbour was due to visit us to fix some water leaking. I wasn’t excited about the home intrusion, to say the least. The appointment was at 3h30 – 4 pm. I was hoping for the earliest, so that I’d be at work (aka locked in my bedroom), but Murphy being very busy messing with my life, the doorbell rang around 4h30. Just before I was to finish my shift.

I had a great idea. I called mom, who was still working until 5 pm. But even if she was really happy about my call, mom ended telling me that no matter how much she loved me, they had to close the store, even if it was just 5h05.

So I called my bestfriend. With no luck. Unfortunately, she was too busy meeting with a notary just because she and her boyfriend are making his house their home (they just recently moved in together). Bullsh*t. Bestfriend matters should come first, in my opinion.


I pretended to have things to do in my bedroom, until my landlord headed back downstairs.

Now, we shouldn’t be a threath anymore, and shall not flood the very people housing us. And on the plus side, we got our hot water back. It seems like our gaz company had lowered the maximum temperature on the water heater when they last visited our landlord.


There should be another unwanted visit next week, to change a water faucet. But I’m already planning on being busy in the bedroom for whatever reason. Then, we should be tranquil for a while.

*Fingers crossed*

3 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. I have to meet with our landlord tomorrow about getting our pipes thawed and it is less inconvenience for me and more panic inducing,cos,hello,safe space invasion. It was good to read your post and hear it is not just my neuroses making the situation uncomfortable. Thanks!


  2. I am waiting to see if the handy man is coming today to check on the leak under the sink or if it will be next week. I am hoping it will be today as I would also like the handles returned to the cupboards they fell off of. They did not need to be put back on right away but a leaky sink well it would be nice to have that fixed. I do have a bucket under there so it is not flooding anywhere.
    Have a great day! 🙂


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