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I did it!

Oh my, what a day… As some of you might remember, today our landlord and downstairs neighbour was due to visit us to fix some water leaking. I wasn’t excited about the home intrusion, to say the least. The appointment was at 3h30 – 4 pm. I was hoping for the earliest, so that I’d…… Continue reading I did it!

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Oh my… I might not give that impression, but I as much as I enjoy other people’s company, I don’t like people coming to my house. I couldn’t really explain why, but my apartment is a cocoon that is meant for Chéri, Freja and I only. I am really grateful that Chéri accepted that from…… Continue reading Savage…

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A jolly good time!

  Yesterday we had our fifth Skypy Sunday Chat Session. I know I should have posted this earlier, but life just was against me, today. (Dang Murphy!) First of all, Mondays are usually a day off for me, ever since I accepted to take the day shift at work. But not today… No no no…… Continue reading A jolly good time!