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Oh my…

I might not give that impression, but I as much as I enjoy other people’s company, I don’t like people coming to my house. I couldn’t really explain why, but my apartment is a cocoon that is meant for Chéri, Freja and I only. I am really grateful that Chéri accepted that from the very beginning of our relationship, because his family is very gregarious and they looooove getting together. But they never entered our little nest… Yet.

I have a very exclusive list of people who are allowed in, whatever what. My brother, my bestfriend and Chéri’s, and a couple of overseas’ friends that can drop in anytime they wish (But knowing how unlikely it is that they’ll ever show up at our door, that’s not a big risk).

I don’t know if I’m just uncomfortable with people venturing through my ”real” cove, or if I’m just not willing to share my intimity, but I’m still happy to screen visitors as if I was a scary bouncer.

Tonight, I got an email from our downstair landlords.

It seems like even if I didn’t complain yet about our recent lack of hot water, some work has to be done in our bathroom. Something’s been leaking, apparently. And no one wants leaking water, especially when you live upstairs, like us. But an overnight visit is still highly unwanted.


This is stressing me up. Or should I say that it is adding to the ”usual” stress. I hate it.

I’ll try to postpone the visit a little. And I’ll arrange for Chéri to welcome our landlord, while I am busy working. I can live with that.

If I don’t see visitors, there are no visitors… Right?

3 thoughts on “Savage…

  1. Well this is a new side revealed my dear!  But I agree.  I call my place the inner sanctum – from watching scary movies as a child.🙄😀

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