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The block…



She took a good look at herself in the mirror.

It would take a whole lot of make up to make her pretty enough to get good tips…. Of course, a couple more hours of sleep would have done the job, but that damn newborn downstairs had decided otherwise.

She put her high heels on, and stomped heavily on the floor. It wouldn’t stop the crying, but at least the parents would realize what a nuisance their offspring was for the other tenants.

Waiting for the water to boil on the stove, she noticed she was out of coffee.

Just my luck!

Now, she’d have to wait to get a cup at the dinner, before starting her shift. And that would not be a great start for the busiest day of the week. She sighed on her way back to the bedroom, picked up a few clothes in the darkness, and walked to the bathroom for a quick shower.

Shaking off the last bits of sleep, enjoying the warmth of the water and the sound of the drops, covering the incessant screaming downstairs, she had a thought for the man that had moved into one of the third stair’s aparments just the day before.

She was sitting on her small balcony, taking a well earned break in between shifts, when he had driven in. He was alone and she figured he would have to make a couple of trips back and forth, but after unloading what he had in the blue black pickup truck bed, he had parked the vehicule, and disappeared in the building.

He was cute, not exactly her type, but good looking anyway. Definately not the type of person she was used to see moving into their block. Tenants here were usually young families, retired people on a budget or singles like herself, who had to survive with three shitty jobs.

Talking about that…

She turned off the tap, and the crying had stopped. Enjoying the silence, she dried herself, put on her uniform and painted herself a decent face. She wished she could call in sick and spend the day spying on her new neighbour. He hadn’t brought much ”stuff” over, but everything he owned looked much fancier than anything she had ever had.

Why would he choose to stay here?

Realizing she only had a couple of minutes left to catch the next train heading downtown, she grabbed her purse, threw in her wallet, keys and sunglasses and stormed out.

Making sure the main entrance of the building was well locked before leaving, she peeked up the stairs…

This should be interesting!

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