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Kind Hearted Challenge – October Edition



Happy first day of October, Lovelies!

This is the third edition of the Kind Hearted Challenge! I must admit that September’s edition was rather, hmmm, quiet. That was probably my fault, and my fault only, but I hope that October will inspire you more to embark my little challenge! If this is the first time you read about it, you can find out about August’s and September’s try outs.


What is the Kind Hearted Challenge about?

It is really simple… First of all, it is not a challenge per se, but more an invitation to take a moment and think about doing kind things around you. You don’t have to participate every month, and if you join in, you have all month to complete your mission.

I think that spreading the word out is the best way to get at least a couple of people to think “You know what? That’s really easy, I think I’ll give it a try!” There are so many free, easy acts of kindness that we can do in our everyday life… Things to make other people around us happier. Things that can be a day-shifter without us even knowing… This challenge is just a dare to you all, to make a positive difference, even with the littlest things!

So each first day of the month, I’ll post your new mission. (should you accept it!) I promise they will be free (or very, very cheap!), easy to do and not too time consuming. You can do it just once, or several times…


Why a Kind Hearted Challenge?

Because we never know who needs a little extra kindness in their life. And if we can’t change the world as individuals, we can help make it a little better in our close surounding.

It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day better, and I’d like to create a circle of people who make the effort of spreading a little extra kindness around them. I’d really love to prove that it is possible to make a difference, as small as it might be!

And you know what? I believe in Karma, or something like that… What goes around, comes around, and I am convinced that we’ll all benefit from being kinder. It can only be rewarding in the end!


How can I play along?

Easy, you read the challenge below. You put a smile on someone’s face by doing it, and then, you’re done!

You can keep it to yourself, write a post about it and link it to this page, or you can leave a comment to tell us about your completed challenge!

And if you really really like the Kind Hearted Challenge, you can share this post on your own blog, to hopefully bring more and more people to perform free acts of kindness all around the world!

Oh, and if you have an idea, for a future challenge, please contact me via my contact page! I’d love to feature your challenge, if it meets the only two condition of being easy to achieve, and being cheap enough for anyone to join in!



And now… The most important thing! (drum roll!!) Your October Kind Hearted Challenge is the following:


Sometime this month, take a moment to write a little note for a neighbour you don’t talk to, on a regular basis. It can be as simple as a little letter telling them you are thankful to have good neighbours, or reminding them of a time they helped you out… Just drop that note in their mailbox, to show them that someone is thinking about them!





I’d like to thank Candace, who inspired me this challenge in part, with the lovely cards she sent me, a while back. The image above is a detail of one of them, and makes me smile every time I look at it. If you don’t know Candace, you can visit her blog, Revenge of Eve.


8 thoughts on “Kind Hearted Challenge – October Edition

    1. Thank you, Tony, I believe kindness always makes people grow better! I am doing good, I hope you are doing better, I know that was a terrible loss you experienced, still recently… *Big hugs*


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