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I wouldn’t want to jinx myself…


For some reason, my tablet’s tantrum seems to be over. I say seems because I know how very dearly Murphy’s Laws hold on to me. I might wake up tomorrow morning to the same “let me kick you out every couple of minutes” glitch, but since I got home from work, everything’s been just fine.

I don’t know if it is because of the menacing threats to throw it out of the window (you kick me out, I kick you out… Sounded fair to me!) or if it was my absolute inaction that persuaded my Lenovo buddy to cut me some slack… But it did!

I would like to thank all of you, who have given smart advices, and the others who have provided me with moral support through a great deal of humor (I needed it… Badly!)

Again, I just might write again tomorrow, cursing and all… But I hope this was just a Technology Gods’ challenge. They lost, I win! And I am back at writing as much silly stuff as I please!

Woot woot!!

I’ll still have a couple of things done, as adviced by some of you, not to dare technology to fail me again anytime soon! But for now, I feel like I got my voice back, and when you’ve been blabbering for more than two years, being almost silenced is a pain I wouldn’t have imagined! I REALLY feel for those of you who have posted about having to blog from your phones while your computers were getting fixed!

So that’s about it…   I’m back!

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