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Design our Freak-Team flag contest!



Yes, I am organizing a real contest! And yes, there will be a prize!

Will it be fun? Well, that’s mostly up to you Lovelies! Because as much as I will encourage you to participate, I can’t do the work all by myself.

So, what’s this all about, right? Let’s recap on today a bit (if you want to whole story, click here) Earlier today, Sonofabeach96 dared me to hold a contest, and ask people to design a flag (he had me at “flag” actually…) to officialize and represent the online freak circle.

Now, freak might sound a little heavy to some of you. But I think we all share a little (or totally not little) odd, weird, awkward, crazy, looney side, don’t we? I am at peace with mine, and you know there wouldn’t be much action in The Cove if I didn’t expose it constantly.

Do you also embrace and enjoy these moments of “I don’t consider myself seriously AT ALL”? Would you like to join the club of “Oh yeah, it’s fine honey… Roll your eyes as if your life depended on it. I don’t care!” and help in doing something totally useless, that will in no way change the course of history?

Well do I have the contest for you? Dang yes!

Help me design a flag that would represent our looney community! (If this works out, I promise, I’ll work on a secret handshake too!!)

The rules:

  • If your name is Suze, skip this part of the post!
  • Everybody else… Ok Bag Lady, you can skip rules too if you want… But the rest of you please follow… You wouldn’t want me to waste time writing rules nobody will follow, right?
  • Ok… Hello? Sorry, just wanted to be sure… So take a moment, make your self a tea, or coffee, or fresh orange juice, or open yourself a beer, take a Tequila shot, hand me one please! Try a little meditation, or just listen to music, and connect with your inner crazy side. (I don’t have to go through all this trouble myself, but I understand that some people have to look and act serious in the real world… loosen up! Let the oddness take you over!)
  • You’re starting to feel like you are 8 years old? Good! Now take out your crayons, brushes, open “Paint” on your computer… You can invite your kids, grandkids, the neighbour’s kids (but tell them before), offer some of that Tequila to your mailman if you have to (an pour me another one please!) and start brainstorming and designing!
  • Send me a copy of your art of work. You’ve done 2 of them, and don’t know which to choose? Send both, via email at
  • I reserve myself the right to refuse any offensive flag I receive. But I don’t see why I’d have to do that… You people are not the offensive type (don’t draw a penis on yours, just to prove me wrong… Please!)
  • I’ll reblog this post every week, until January 15th 2018. That’s right. You have more than a month to work on it, and I won’t take “my dog ate it” as an excuse.
  • We’ll have a vote, among the received flags, and I’ll have at least 2 flags made by a real flag company… One for me, and one for the winner (I’ll send it to you, Winner-to-be). If anybody else wants one too, I’ll let you guys know how cheap we can get for a certain bundle. I’d like to think that our Freak Flag could fly high in the skies of many countries… *sigh*Β  I am so ambitious.


Now, you all know I don’t usually ask for reblogs. But if you find the idea amusing, even if you don’t participate… Please share this with your readers. I’m sure you have a couple of silly people like me reading you, and I’d really like them to join in!

It doesn’t cost anything, and you’ll totally make my day!





Here are the flag designs I received so far. Needless to say I am delighted! Thank you all for the participation, and quick response! You’ll see different styles and techniques, and I’m sure that you’ll find something special about each one like I do.

First time ever in The Cove, I have to make anΒ 18+ Warning! Yes, it is partly my fault, but there is explicit content in the following designs. I hesitated a bit, but since the design is quite creative, I decided to publish it anyway! Who am I to censor art? Hehehehehe

Keep sending me your flag ideas… Don’t be shy! Who knows, you very well might win in the end πŸ™‚



Suze‘s (first) entry!

Urban Flag-Dream

Entry fromΒ Urban Liaisons

IMG_2534 (002)

Entry from E ofΒ Marriage, Relationships


Second entry fromΒ Suze

cyrannymapfreezingland (1)-page-001

Third entry fromΒ Suze

34 thoughts on “Design our Freak-Team flag contest!

    1. I think it will be a lot of fun, indeed!! πŸ™‚ If you check the post again, you’ll see the first two entries…

      You can write on yours if you wish, but it is not a “must”… Just have fun and let your imagination create something πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I litterally burst out in laughter when I read your comment.

      I have absolutely nothing against penises in general, but I just thought some kids might end up waving the flag, and I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea πŸ˜›

      Right after reading your question, I couldn’t help but imagine a flag with a whole bunch of them on it (penises, not kids) and that made me laugh again….

      Liked by 1 person

  1. So I was reading the rules and the very first thing was told I didn’t HAVE to…so of course I did! πŸ˜› Cool, flags are being invented right now and of course this gets reblogged! What, did you think for a second I wouldn’t? LOL

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I didn’t know for sure if you’d have time for it… but I sure hoped so!!

      Btw, I never thought you’d double negative me into following the rules for once, just to act the opposite the way I expected you to… LOOOOL


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