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I’m worried about plants…

Kind of.

October 21st and here in Québec, the weather is still incredibly comfortable. We’re still getting temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. Meaning that flowers of all sorts are still blooming and tree leaves are very hesitant to fall.


When I was a child, I remember having to wear my snowsuit under my disguise to go trick or treating! I highly doubt that will be necessary this upcoming Halloween. (For kids, I mean… I don’t actually still go out trick or treating myself!)

Plants are not used to work that late… I hope they don’t end up suffering from a generalized vegetal burnout.

Yet, nobody else seems to worry about it. Why do I use my brain for that kind of thoughts? Why, oh why??


15 thoughts on “I’m worried about plants…

      1. Ohhh I’ve been many characters… I did it every year… But always handmade costumes. I am really crafty! I used to dress up at my job too, but Boo boss is against celebrations and having fun in general, in life…. So I haven’t the past 8 years..


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