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News from Aalborg…

I had a little surprise waiting for me when I checked the mail today.

Aalborg is a city in Denmark, that I visited during my three trips to Vikingland, and where two good friends of mine live. A couple of weeks ago, while surfing through Aalborg’s website, I made an online request for a touristic guide… And I forgot about it.

This morning, this was waiting for me…




Much better than bills, if you ask me!




Now, it could come as something silly, to order information about a city I’ve been to several times already, but I disagree. It is always fun to get kind regards from Denmark… And, going through the city guide, I noticed that even though I’ve visited many of the main attractions, there’s still a lot to see and experience.

Ok, it’s still silly… But I’ve done worst things in the past.

If you’d like to know more about Aalborg…  Click here!

6 thoughts on “News from Aalborg…

  1. I moved to Aalborg due to the fascinating manhole covers found in this great Danish City. I must admit that not everyone understood my choice, but then we all have our idiosyncrasies, don’t we?

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    1. I agree that those manholes are something not to be missed! And although it really is the smell of second hand cell phones that attracted me in town at first, I now come back for the lift bridge 😉 A must see, wouldn’t you agree?


  2. Obviously you are a newcomer to Aalborg, shown by your misplaced feelings for something that some would want to possess for themselves, but have to be satisfied with second best – like the drawbridge. I hope your tourist material will bring you to the right way of thinking, otherwise your time might be better spent in the city to the north, Nørresundby.

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