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Please, come in!

Mr Frost is a sneaky character.

You’d think that having all the “outside” to himself, he’d leave the “inside” for us to enjoy, when we are tired of his cold ways… Well think again, my friends! Mr Frost is greedy, and if there’s the slightest crack in your home’s door or window, he’ll let himself in without further ado.

This morning, when I got to work, he had started invading my office!



I argued with Mr Frost, reminding him that it was a long time settled deal that he was to stay outside, so we could take off our scarf and gloves inside! He seemed to disagree, wanting to re-negotiate the terms of our deal.

To show my goodwill, I put on everything warm I had, leaving just my nose uncovered, and I walked outside to face Mr. Frost.

But he was waiting for me, and obviously, he has informers that are well aware of my sweet spot for everything cute.

Here’s the emissary he sent me to negotiate…



The little about-an-inch tall thing kept looking up to me, and I just couldn’t make my mind, and fight against it… So I walked back in, and I guess I’ll leave that quarrel to some other WW (Warrior of Warmth).


Just to give you a clear idea of the scale of this little guy!


I’ll just keep my scarf on for today.

And since I’ll be working until almost 5pm, and then have to move to my brother’s apartment to celebrate the arrival of 2018, I decided to leave you all Lovelies my (almost) warmest wishes for the soon to come New Year right now! (yeah, when I come back home tonight, it’ll already be way past bedtime, and tomorrow I work too)

So here’s to a new year bringing you and your loved ones health, love, peace of mind, nice surprises and what you need most! Because we are the worst judges of that, and sometimes, what first comes as bad news can turn up to be just what you needed to live a better life.

And here’s a bad selfie, to say goodbye to 2017!



*Hugs and Kisses from Freezingland*


12 thoughts on “Please, come in!

  1. That close-up of the emissary is fantastic! That should be your Christmas card next year. 😃

    That’s awful, being cold inside too. I feel ya’. This old drafty house kicks my ass every winter. This one has been especially cold thus far, more so than usual for us. I friggin’ went to bed with a tobagon on the other night. It’s terrible. 😨

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Can you believe that that was not hand made???… it was just sitting there when I took my break outside!! I love the idea of making Christmas cards out of it! Hey, cold can be beneficial after all!!! Mouahahahahaha

      I don’t mind the temperature being a bit chilly at home, since I can draw myself a hot bath, or wrap myself in a warm blanket anytime I please. Booh Boss doesn’t allow any of those two ways for keeping nice and comfortable, so I expect my employer to do what it takes to keep Mr Frost out of the building… Obviously, they consider that no one works on New Year’s Eve…. Breaking news! I DO! 😛

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      1. No doubt. Work isn’t called fun for a reason. I have to work tomorrow, so I feel your pain. And while Mr. Frost’s emissary was indeed very cute, I won’t be sorry to see them go. Happy New Year to you. 😊😊

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      2. I hope the first day back to work wasn’t too painful! Hopefully, like here, it was worth it ($$) since it is a Holiday…

        All the best to you, the boys and your lucky Mrs 🙂 I hope 2018 will bring a smile for you to wear on everyday that comes, and health for your whole family! *Big hug*

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