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I am a mermaid…

Via today’s Daily Prompt: Cozy


You didn’t know that, did you?

To be quite honest, it’s normal you hadn’t noticed, because I only got my beautiful tail a couple of days ago! And let me tell you that with a glacial -40 degrees Celcius outside, I’ll be wearing it most of the day!

It is my last day off work before an eight days stretch, and I am planin on spending it cooking a little (I am in charge of dessert for our New Year’s Eve party) and staying nice and cozy inside, away from the cold.

A hot chocolate mug, cuddling with the kitten (even if I have to force her, hahaha) and mermaid playing while catching up on my reading… Sounds good to me!

Hoping you are enjoying a nice day too!

*Holiday hugs from dang-dang-dang Freezingland*

7 thoughts on “I am a mermaid…

    1. Of course we exist!! 😉

      Now, if people disagree with you, you can tell them you know a real mermaid, and you’ll even have a picture to prove it! LOL

      I have a very special link with water too… I’ve always lived near water, and I don’t think I’d make it in a city inland. That’s one thing I really like about Denmark… You can never be far from the coast!

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      1. I hear ya’. I do live inland, but lots of lakes and rivers near me. I much prefer saltwater though, so we hit the coasts as often as possible. And now I can just surf without hinderance of searching for proof of mermaid life. 😃

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