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Calling out to Suze’s readers…

Hello Lovelies,

I have mentionned Madame Suze more times than I can recall in the past, and I am sure you are, at the very least, familiar with her name! Suze has an endearing habit of sabotaging her blog, Obsolete Childhood, and it has been out of order a number of times already.

It is, in fact, unavailable again, and Suze had to move her blogging activities to her alternate blog. Nothing will stop Madame Suze from blogging, but moving means losing her list of readers, and we all know what that means! She lost all her readers, and has to start again, from scratch!

So if you were following Obsolete Childhood, just click on the link below to keep following Suze. If you didn’t follow Obsolete Childhood… Well, click anyway! Suze is such a nice lady to hang around with!


I must confess that (almost) every single time the blog blows up, it is my fault. Imagine my utter astonishment that this last time it was the computer’s fault!

via It’s my fault……….. — suziland too or obsolete childhood

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