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Kalaallit Nunaat, please!

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That would be Greenland, in Greenlandic.

Oh no! She’s going to whine about Greenland again…”

You bet, I will! Christmas is coming, and I still have this silly dream of seeing Greenland’s flag in The Cove, and what better gift could I get for the Holidays?

The world’s largest island is still playing hard to get with me, though. And I thought I’d make an exception, and give you a few fun facts even if I am still waiting for my flag…

Can you read this, Greenland? (Oh how I wish you could…) This is quite a priviledge! Usually, countries have to visit me before I go searching the Internets to introduce them in The Cove…

So… for one thing, about 85% of the surface of the huge island is covered with ice and snow. Some might say that’s weird to call Greenland a territory where white is omnipresent… Well, Kalaallit Nunaat actually means “The people’s land”!

I was complaining about my -20 C just yesterday, but it is nothing compared to what Greenlanders have to put up with… March 1st 2007, the temperature dropped down to a freezing -61,2 C (about -78 F ). Even without the slightest breeze, that’s what I call frette en tabarnak!

Greenland is the least densely populated people, and of its total of about 56 500 inhabitants, some 17 300 people live in the capital, Nuuk.

In 1946, the United States of America offered to buy Greenland for 100,000,000$. Danes refused the deal, and although it is now an autonomous country, it is still part of the Kingdom of Denmark… Lucky Greenlanders!

I wanted to add a little something for eventual visitors in Greenlandic, but unfortunately, Google Translate doesn’t do Greenlandic! Shame on you, Google!

If you are a Greenlander, reading this, click on the “Get in touch with Cyranny” at the top of the screen, and leave me a little note, pleaaaaase! 🙂 If you leave me your adress, I’ll make sure to mail you a little something!


To learn more about Greenland, you can visit this post from Twisted Sifter

8 thoughts on “Kalaallit Nunaat, please!

  1. If you are going to visit Greenland one day Cyranny, then travel in the summertime and stay south, then you will not freeze to death. People there are licking sunshine in the summer in temperatures, where we would prefer to wear some more layers of clothe.


      1. Have you, Mme Suze? I am shopping for tickets just now, I’ll do my best to arrange a meeting for you and Trina in Nuuk! 🙂 I hope you two have good winter coats and boots!!


  2. I just had an amazingly brilliant idea on how to get greenland here! First, stick greenland in your web searchy thingybar..not the country…just the word. click the yea go there button and find a website from greenland. go leave a remark telling them they are invited to come to the cover for a special cookie…and leave an urly thingy. Bet they come for the cookie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did think about squatting a Greenlander’s blog and getting him or her to visit The Cove, but it felt like cheating. I will do it though, if Santa doesn’t bring me my flag 😛

      Thanks for reminding me of the idea 🙂 xx


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