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Crazy brains… just not mine!

I have a weird working brain, but at least it is working (most of the time… at least to keep my heart pumping and my lungs running their CO2 business).

I know I am not the only one… lots of people don’t use their brains according to the manual. I strongly believe that us people shouldn’t be put in charge of countries. Ok, I know, my American friends… You probably would trade your current president for me anyday, but I can assure you it’d be a very short relief!

Yup, my people shouldn’t be granted power! Can you imagine what I’d do if I ran Canada? I sure can… I’d probably start by renaming it Denmark II, firing Elisabeth and self-proclaiming me Cyranny, Queen of Denmark II.

Do you really want that to happen?

Well, it seems that some countries are open to weirdness. I think that it is nice not to discriminate people just because they process thoughts a little differently. But it is dangerous.

I’ve gathered a few laws from around the world, that have obviously been made up by someone like me! You probably won’t be surprised to know that my first idea was to plan a trip to break all those laws! One by one! If you want to join in, I’ll take reservations in the comment box.

All of the following I have found on The Internets. It is possible that they are not totally acurate. But you know what? I don’t care!

Unplug your brains, here we go!

In UK, it is forbidden to die in the parliament. If you get caught doing so, you could be arrested. – For some reason, I think I’ll keep this one for the end.

In Thailand, people are not allowed to leave their homes without underwear. – If I go there, I’ll try going out with my panties in my hands…. The law says people have to have underwear, not wear them!

In California, people aren’t allowed to shoot guns from their cars. Except if they are shooting at a whale! – I hope they’re not thinking what I’m thinking… That would not be very nice. 

In Maryland, people are not allowed to maltreat oisters. – I think we shouldn’t mistreat any kind of living creature… But please, oh! please… If anyone knows… How the dang can someone mistreat an oister??

In Minessota, it is forbidden to excite a skunk. – whuuut?? Excite a skunk? How???  Why????? Has anyone gone to the police station to complain about a neighbour who excited skunks all the time?

In Tennessee, you can’t go lasso-fishing. – Am I the only one who thinks they just wanted to save people time, here??

In Texas (Biff, yes you, Biff Sock Pow!! Pay attention, this could save you from a couple of years in jail) people are not allowed to drink more than three sips of beer while standing up. – At least, after a couple of drinks, people tend to prefer the sitting position… while their memory of laws and their abilities to count drop drastically.

In South Carolina, you can’t bring your horse in a hostel, except if it is wearing pants. – OMG! Need I say that I really want to try that one?? I don’t care how complicated it would be to make that horse wear pants… I just want to look the desk clerk man in the eyes and say “But sir, it’s wearing pants!!!”

I could go on and on and on… and I might if you enjoy these delicious wastes of power too… We’ll see.  

27 thoughts on “Crazy brains… just not mine!

  1. Okay those are just hilarious! Did you know that in Oklahoma it is illegal for a bar owner to allow anyone inside to pretend to have sex with a buffalo. Yep. What I want to know is why they had to make a law for that? Someone must have done it at some point…

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    1. Wow! that’s a solid one! mouahahahahahaha I was thinking the same thing about some of those laws…. How many people got caught lasso-fishing before they forbid it? And why would anyone care????

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  2. The UK has some wonderful laws, peeing in a policeman’s helmet if you are pregnant, being able to shoot a yorkshire man, or it could be a Scotsman. I am fairly sure you are allowed to herd sheep across London Bridge.

    An interesting fact though for you, the distance between the opposition and the government is slightly longer than a lunge with a sword.

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    1. Oh! Oh! Oh! I read about the Bobby’s hat one, and I wanted to put it in my post, but forgot. It’s even funnier to see you adding it here 🙂

      I love crazy laws and fun facts…. I should dig and make a post about Canada’s, we probably have some pretty neat ones too.

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  3. Hi Cyranny! Your posts are always a hoot! And thank you for the shout out.

    I’m sure Texas leads the world in weird or insane laws. I hadn’t heard the beer-sipping one. I’m surprised that one is a problem. No one in Texas sips beer. Everyone just chugs or guzzles or swigs it.

    As for the horse and pants one, my mind immediately went to the scene of a man walking into a tailor and saying, “I’d like you to make some pants for my horse …”

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  4. In BC it’s illegal to kill a Sasquatch. In Victoria, street entertainers aren’t allowed to give kids balloon animals. In Alberta it’s illegal to set fire to the leg of a wooden-legged man.
    You could be arrested if you drag a dead horse down Toronto’s Yonge Street on Sundays. (I guess it is ok on all other days!) and best of all: “Offending a place with a bad smell” is illegal under the criminal code in all of Canada.

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